The Lydians Treasure

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They are taken back and placed to Usak Museum. Ladles Incense Burners. General Information Boat Shaped Earings. Appligues Recumbent Animals.

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The pages grouped in 3 categories above. The first portion is about the Lydia and Lydians, second informates you about some major Lydian centers that most of the hoard is founded during excavations, and finaly the catalogue that includes some of the Lydian Hoard, espacially not included in the other pages or their details Obviously, whatever this site trying to concludes a highly informative knowledge to you, indeed it includes only a small part of the hoard and information.

The major parts of the hoard are shown in the Usak Museum in Usak, and of course, the actual excavation areas that mensioned above. By the way, if anyone that interested in more spesific and more detailed information about Lydia and Lydian.

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The Metropolitan applied for the court to reject the Turkish claim on grounds that the appropriate three-year limitation period had expired, but in , its application was dismissed. The court ruled that the Turkish claim had been made within the appropriate time period, and the pretrial discovery process went ahead. During this process, each party was able to examine documents held by the opposing party, and to take testimony from appropriate witnesses. When faced with this potentially incriminating and embarrassing evidence, rather than face the publicity of a court battle, in September the Metropolitan finally agreed to return the treasure to Turkey, and the law suit was dropped.

One notable replacement and theft was of the gold brooch in the form of a hippocampus.

The Archaeological Exploration of Sardis

Kaye, Lawrence, M. Tubb ed.

Legal, Ethical and Conservation Issues. London: Archetype, Heritage Recovered: The Lydian Treasure.

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Istanbul: Ministry of Culture, Republic of Turkey. Updated 12 Mar - pm. The Cultural Heritage Resource of the Stanford Archaeology Center reports information from sources that it believes to be reliable, but is not responsible for any inaccuracies those sources may contain.

The Lydian Kings (in chronological order)

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The Lydians Treasure The Lydians Treasure
The Lydians Treasure The Lydians Treasure
The Lydians Treasure The Lydians Treasure
The Lydians Treasure The Lydians Treasure
The Lydians Treasure The Lydians Treasure
The Lydians Treasure The Lydians Treasure
The Lydians Treasure The Lydians Treasure
The Lydians Treasure The Lydians Treasure

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