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The Mist on the Window

Or create a new issue and provide as much information as you can to recreate your problem. We solve this problem by drilling two 4mm holes in the glass with our diamond coated drills supplied and then you apply our drying pellets through the bottom hole. When the desiccants have completely dried you plug the two holes. Window Replacement and Glazing Firms continuously state you cannot repair sealed units when they fail with condensation. The key reason is they want to sell you new windows. These units can be repaired, There is a simple process and there is a kit available that provides what you need.

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A repair takes 20 minutes to complete and all you need to provide is a standard drill and some tap water. View Cart.

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My Cart. Checkout Sign In Create an account. Here lies the problem and the solution! What the window and glazing firms do not want you to know If you do any research you'll hear the units have to be replaced and some will even try to sell you new frames as well.

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  • Purchase Your Repair Kit. Add to Cart Add to Cart. We deliver worldwide Although we are based in the UK we deliver worldwide!

    Mist in the Window

    Delivery in the UK is free and on a day courier service Channel Islands on day Royal Mail Service International delivery via working day airmail service. Blog Posts. Don't carry on with a poor view looking through misty and foggy windows. Get rid of the condensation and get your view back.. Fix your windows today with out simple DIY kit. Why double glazed sealed units fail 17 Oct , Sadly, many of you tend to feel that any window tint is fine and settle for a window film company which offers you poor quality products. You will want to know that you finally get what you pay for.

    Selecting a company that does not offer you with quality products cannot help your cause when you are expecting good products.

    What services do we provide?

    The main thing you will want to find out is the experience of the firm. Established companies are there for a reason. There are many firms which operate with just a few people. These firms are to be avoided. You never know what you might end up with. It is vital that you spend time on the website of the firm and go through the profiles of the employees. That will give you a small idea on what is happening in there. That helps you choose a reliable firm. You want quality products from the company and that is why it is vital you choose a company which provides you with good quality products.

    When you choose firms like them, you know that you are choosing a firm which can handle your requirements which their skill and experience.

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    • Mist On The Window (kk010 ).
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    • Welcome to Mist Away, your No.1 source for a clearer view.
    • What is condensation?!
    • It is important you know that the quality of the products are not the same.

      Mist on the Window Mist on the Window
      Mist on the Window Mist on the Window
      Mist on the Window Mist on the Window
      Mist on the Window Mist on the Window
      Mist on the Window Mist on the Window
      Mist on the Window Mist on the Window
      Mist on the Window Mist on the Window
      Mist on the Window Mist on the Window
      Mist on the Window Mist on the Window

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