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What the Bible Says about Head Coverings

Two Centuries of Costume in America, Vol. The Macmillan Company. She has never gone to church services bareheaded. University of Pennsylvania Press. Many Christian women also covered their hair, as enjoined by Saint Paul 1 Cor. Brethren Encyclopedia, Incorporated. The Parish Monthly. Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. Are women permitted to enter a Catholic church bareheaded?

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In answer to the above question, the Rev. John Price in the Pittsburg Observer , has the following: St. Paul is responsible for interdicting women with uncovered heads from taking part in the liturgical services of the Church.

Word Aflame Press. On the Veiling of Virgins. Roberts, J. Coxe Eds. Thelwall Trans. The Instructor. The Apostolic tradition of Hippolytus. New York: Macmillan, p. The Wycliffe Bible Commentary. Chicago: Moody Press. Kovacs, Judith The Church's Bible 1 Corinthians. Eerdmans Publishing. Page The Letters of St. Wace Eds.

Fremantle, G. Martley Trans. Jerome: Letters and Select Works Vol. New York: Christian Literature Company. Letters of St. Schaff Ed. Cunningham Trans. Scroll Publishing. Retrieved 28 April Women in Eighteenth Century Europe. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. WestBow Press. Southern Living. Retrieved 14 January Berghahn Books. Retrieved 27 October According to Russian Orthodox tradition women cover their heads when entering a church. Jacques Poujade , noted that Christian women frequently used white veils. Long after independence from Turkey, elderly Orthodox women in Elbasan could be seen on the street wearing white veils, although usually their eyes were visible.

Turkish influence upon the Christian community is seen also in latticework partitions in the rear of the Orthodox churches, the women being kept behind the screen during mass. JHU Press. Retrieved 13 November During the 20th century, the wearing of head coverings declined in more assimilated groups, which gradually interpreted the Pauline teaching as referring to cultural practice in the early church without relevance for women in the modern world.

The firstborn son had headship over the family.

Some churches in the midth century had long and contentious discussions about wearing head coverings because proponents saw its decline as a serious erosion of obedience to scriptural teaching. Ritual in Early Modern Europe. Cambridge University Press. In England radical Protestants, known in the seventeenth century as Puritans, we especially ardent in resisting the churching of women and the requirement that women wear a head covering or veil during the ceremony. The Book of Common Prayer, which became the ritual handbook of the Anglican Church, retained the ceremony in a modified form, but as one Puritan tract put it, the "churching of women after childbirth smelleth of Jewish purification.

Abingdon Press. The holy kiss is practiced and women wear head coverings during prayer and worship. Louis : Concordia Publishing House. Women, Gender and Religious Cultures in Britain, — Several ardent Methodist women wrote to him, asking for his permission to speak. Mar Bosanquet — suggested that if Paul had instructed women to cover their heads when they spoke 1.

UNC Press Books. At that time, official practice still dictated that Catholic women cover their heads in church. Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature. A white veil or coif, called velamen dominicale, was worn by females at the time of receiving the eucharist during the 5th and 6th centuries These veils were ordered by the councils of Autun and Angers. The Church Quarterly Review. Veiled and Silenced. Mercer University Press. Pauli ad Corinthios lectura". Dominican House of Studies.

Retrieved 1 August Ignatius Press. Karant-Nunn, Merry E. Wiesner ed. Luther on Women: A Sourcebook. Otherwise and aside from that, the wife should put on a veil, just as a pious wife is duty-bound to help bear her husband's accident, illness, and misfortune on account of the evil flesh. Wesley's Notes on the Bible. Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Therefore if a woman is not covered — If she will throw off the badge of subjection, let her appear with her hair cut like a man's. But if it be shameful far a woman to appear thus in public, especially in a religious assembly, let her, for the same reason, keep on her veil.

Uplook Ministries. Retrieved 24 June But the woman is a matter of glory to the man, who has a becoming dominion over her. Therefore she ought not to appear except with her head veiled as a tacit acknowledgement of it. Trusting God: Learning to Walk by Faith. One thing that fascinated me about the Eastern European churches was the "sea of white" that I saw every time I got up to preach. This was due to the fact that most of the churches practiced head covering for women. The Sweetness of Tears.

I went to church, something I'd never expected to do in Pakistan. Sadiq told me that his grandfather's nurse, Sausan, was Christian. My second Sunday in Karachi, I went to services with her. I was glad of the clothese that Haseena Auntie had helped me shop for, because all the women in church covered their heads, just like Muslim women, with their dupattas.

The Catholic Herald. Daily Express. Retrieved 20 May The wearing hats to church by all women is traditionally a requirement of the Anglican church. This is due to the writing of St Paul in Corinthians, where he has some pretty strong feelings about women wearing hats. Courier Dover Publications. Although hats were not considered sufficiently respectable for church wear and very formal occasions they were gradually taking the place of bonnets, at least for younger women.

The South. Greenwood Publishing Group. The red and orange turban described by the anonymous observer also looks forward to the flamboyant Sunday hats worn by African American middle-class women into the twenty-first century, hats celebrated stunningly by Michael Cunningham and Graig Marberry in Crowns: Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats. Hutterite Society. The Johns Hopkins University Press. University of Illinois Press. Such Bible knowledge is truly fascinating and should be diligently pursued by every believer. If your formal Bible study leaves you with only an objective knowledge of the Bible, such knowledge will profit you little!

In fact, head knowledge without sincere life-application is a great problem with many Christians today. Sadly, there are those who know a great deal about the Word of God but who do not live in the light of that wonderful knowledge. Instead, they lock away their knowledge of the Bible in the recesses of their minds and foolishly adopt the ways of the world.

To approach the Word of God with the mind-set of the world, and then to try to synchronize the Scriptures with the philosophy or psychology of a humanistic culture is to violate every principle of intellectual honesty and moral integrity. The Lord Jesus Christ paid a tremendous price to deliver us out of this present evil world, and the Word of God certainly contradicts the thought patterns of a Christ-rejecting generation. It is this heart involvement not just a head knowledge that God requires of each of His children.

In his public tirades, even Adolf Hitler at times quoted from the Bible, but this knowledge of certain Bible verses was of no help to him in his own moral choices nor in his eternal destiny. Obviously, his knowledge had not penetrated his heart. When David used the word heart , he referred to the very center of his behavioral life-directing inner self. When it was my privilege to formally study the Bible and theology as a full-time student, I learned that the accumulation of biblical truth was no substitute for getting alone with God to hear what He had to say to me through His Word. I also discovered that it was easier to sit in judgment on the Word of God than to let the Word of God sit in judgment upon me.

During those college days we used to laugh when we thought of our flippant definition for a classroom lecture.

Role of Husband in the Bible

Even more tragic than this, is the situation in which Bible teaching goes through the head of the pastor to the heads of the congregation without its stirring the heart of either. You will remember that God clearly says:. But the word which they heard did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in those who heard it Hebrews NKJV. Only when we can identify with the testimony of the prophet Jeremiah will the Word of God bring its intended blessing to our lives. There is no real link made between the head and the heart—between the Voice of God and the life of the believer.

As a result, there is too often very little correlation between what we know and what we do. When Bible teaching really stirs your heart, it will most certainly change your life! As this happens, you will find yourself becoming much less dependent upon human support systems, such as family counselors and neatly-packaged seminars, for you will have discovered how God has intended for you to personally appropriate the promises that He has made to you in His Word. There is a difference between the Word of God being applauded as an intellectual stimulus, and that of its being applied as a life-transforming Truth.

Truly, sermons should give people something to act upon , not just something to think about! Even today, when I visit Bible colleges as a guest lecturer, I tell my students:. You are not here to study the Bible just to get to know the Bible! You are here to study the Bible to get to know the God of the Bible! Spiritual immaturity among believers is mute testimony to the impotency of a few slick phrases and neatly-packaged biblical outlines.

Anything that you let take the place of the unique experience of individually drawing aside with God and your open Bible will diminish—and possibly even destroy—your intimate and personal fellowship with God. Such light is very revealing and requires the honesty and frankness of open communication between you and your Heavenly Father.

If, when you read His Word, your heart responds obediently to His truth, that truth will become nourishment to your soul and you will grow in the knowledge and wisdom of your Lord. The old adage is still very true:. Light obeyed brings greater light; Light disobeyed brings deeper night. I am sure you have found, as I have, that it is easier to give counsel to someone else than it is to act upon your own counsel. Each morning your Together Time can play a vital role in preparing you for what awaits you later in the day.

When, through the reading of His Word, God gives you His counsel, you can be assured that the Lord Jesus will also be your indwelling sufficiency and guide for whatever befalls. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry. Blue Letter Bible study tools make reading, searching and studying the Bible easy and rewarding.

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HEAD - All The Bible Teaches About HEAD - All The Bible Teaches About
HEAD - All The Bible Teaches About HEAD - All The Bible Teaches About
HEAD - All The Bible Teaches About HEAD - All The Bible Teaches About
HEAD - All The Bible Teaches About HEAD - All The Bible Teaches About
HEAD - All The Bible Teaches About HEAD - All The Bible Teaches About
HEAD - All The Bible Teaches About HEAD - All The Bible Teaches About
HEAD - All The Bible Teaches About HEAD - All The Bible Teaches About

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